The Absolute Minimum We Must Give Our Children

I feel like this piece needs a bit of an explanation. I was quite angry when I wrote it. I went to bed angry after reading an article about environmental decline being in “free fall.” Stupid I know. At any rate, when I woke up I was still angry. And so I got up, walked over to my laptop and started writing. The following is what resulted.

I should say this piece contains some swearing plus some fairly strong views. This is definately one of my articles that requires a pinch of salt.

You should also be warned I point the finger at everyone in this piece, myself included. That said it isn’t directed at anyone person but society in general. This post isn’t about offering any advice but about the energy with which I wrote it.

It’s very much about the need to wake the fuck up.

I’m not trying to be insensitive here – only to express the anger I felt. At the end of the day they are only words – we decide whether to give them power over us. That said there is definitely some hard truths here if you have the stomach to swallow it.

At any rate should you simply want to see what harnessing anger does for your writing, well put this in you pipe and smoke it.

Enjoy it or not.

I really couldn’t give a flying fuck.

Much love,


If you care about your children then you must fight for the planet. 

A fancy title. A big house. A shiny car. It will be of little comfort when the world burns. 

The survival of this planet means the survival of your children. Period

No ifs, ands, or buts. 


You want your children to have more than you? Why exactly?

Have you not had enough during your privileged lifetime? Have you not had enough things? Enough fancy fucking food? Have you not travelled to enough exotic destinations? How did your MacDonald’s taste on the other side of the world by the way? How did that chain resort compare to one you stayed at in that other country you never saw? How does your latest model of iPhone compare to the one you bought only 2 fucking years ago? 

Has it really not been enough? Do your children really need more than what you’ve had?

Or do they need a different fucking education about what enough actually is?

Fuck you.



Fuck me too. 

These questions are directed at me, as much as you. The truth is I’m the biggest hypocrite of all.

I’m very much part of the generation who has said the right things but not acted on them.

Why am I so pissed off?

Because I’m angry at myself. I’m angry at society for trying to make me into the kind of person I detest. But mainly I’m angry that I didn’t stand up and say fuck you. I’m angry that I didn’t tell society to go fuck itself. I’m angry because I sold my soul for the world. All because I wanted the latest iPhone, the shiny car, the big house…

There comes a point in everyone’s life, I think, where you question everything. Every single thing you’ve been taught. How you were told to live. The things you were told you should be. When you examine it all, it’s like waking up with the worst fucking hangover imaginable.

It hurts so fucking much.

My whole life. It’s bullshit. It’s not had any real purpose. It’s just been about looking good on paper. And then you look around and see that everyone is too self involved to give a shit anyway. They’re also worried about how their life looks on paper. Their lives are bullshit too.

Look at me mum and dad! Are you proud? I’m not. I was sold a dummy. I bought it and now I don’t know how to give it up. I hate it but I can’t. And so I hate myself. I’m an addict of the worst kind. No different to a junkie with a needle sticking out of his arm. Actually there is a difference. The way I’ve lived will hurt more people. They’re just killing themselves. One less person on the planet. One less problem for the world to deal with.

Did I just say that?

I guess I did. 

The true-blue junkies aren’t the ones who need to die of course. As far as mother earth is concerned it’s me who needs to die. Or, at least, the current version of who I am.

I realise now the only thing my children actually need is a world to inherit. What the fuck are we living for if not for them? If not for the survival of our planet?

I imagine my children looking at me in the eyes when they grow up and asking, “Was it worth it dad?” The thought breaks my heart into a million pieces. Because the truth is, right now, I can‘t say it was. I can’t look them in the eyes I say I’ve done all that I can.

Can you?

I’m not even close.

The changes that I will have to make. The changes over which they will have no choice to because of the way I have lived. It scares the living shit out of me.

Up till now I have failed them. I must do better. I must stop being so selfish. I must be the change I want to see. The change this world so desperately needs. I must give my children a fighting chance to clean up the big fucking mess I have left them. At the very least, I must give them that. The chance to be better than I have. The chance to live a life of purpose and meaning. One that will give them far more than any shiny car, fancy gadget or big house can. 

This is the absolute minimum we must give our children. – A fighting chance.

Right now that’s all we can give them too.

But we can give it to them. And we must.

There is no other option. – Why We Won’t Avoid A Climate Catastrophe Feature

Thanks for reading again guys and girls. As always I welcome ALL opinions and thoughts on this blog. Especially the ones that challenge my thinking! With that said I’m curious about what you think? Was I too hard on myself? On you? Was I not hard enough? I mean to follow this up with many posts going forward about how to make a difference on an individual level – about how we can, in fact, give our children a fighting chance. I’ll try to be less angry in those! Till then I wish you all well, AP2 X

18 thoughts on “The Absolute Minimum We Must Give Our Children

  • It’s a funny thing isn’t it? I always wonder why the filthy rich don’t at least give a fuck about their own children? Do they imagine they’ll be able to buy a ticket to a safe planet after we’ve destroyed this one? And why do they think they’ll be able to survive on a hostile planet when they can’t even look after a hospitable planet well enough to keep it habitable? I’m angry too!

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    • Completely agreed – I find it hard to contemplate as well. I have done far more to make a change since I’ve had kids. How can you look at your children and not want the best future for them? Surely that future has to be one in which they can survive on this earth? Alas, it’s not going to matter if those with all the power and money in this world continue to bury their heads in the sand. How we get through to them I do not know. I don’t, as a habit try to make people angry on my blog, but perhaps this is one subject we all need to be much more angry about. Thanks for stopping by Ingrid 🙏

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    • Hi Cheryl – Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind re the swearing! I forget that many youngsters may be reading. Still I want to express myself and this is me – sometimes I’m soft and from the heart – other times I’m angry and from the gut. Perhaps Ill put a bold disclaimer at the top next time so it’s clear if the post is suitable for a younger audience or not. Wishing you all the best, AP2🙏

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  • Easy there Pilot! Although I do understand your rage and frustrations, emotions perhaps necessary fuel initially, eventually get in the way of sound reasoning. For instance, yes, we are all guilty of what you speak, but for reasons you may not of considered. Dig deeper than your personal “I should be doing better” rage and think of why? Why you have not considered this so deeply often enough before!

    It has to do with our imperfect human nature. But I got so carried away in trying to explain this, that I wrote unending! So instead of overwhelming everybody with my volume in response, I’ve decided to actually make it my next post! Sorry my friend! But my response will have to wait. Wait until I post it!

    But hey Pilot! Thank you for the inspiration! And don’t be so hard on yourself, what seems to you to be an absence of moral concern happens naturally in all of us and all the time. In fact, it’s inherent in us, as a species. Later buddy!

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    • Thanks Wayne. It was more an expression of how I felt at the time than the my overall feeling. I’m certainly not the type of person who goes around hating the world and/or himself. Still it’s perhaps the one aspect of who I am I feel desperately needs to change. You’re right through I am at times far too hard on myself. I actually believe in the power of very small changes over time versus any radical overnight change and the truth is I’m mush kinder to the world than I was 1, 2, 5 years ago. It’s worth keeping that in mind and thinking about the small changes I can make today that will lead to a better future over time. I just hope it’ll be all worth it. I look forward to your next post. Cheers Wayne. Always appreciate your input

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  • AP2, what I’m about to say is something I shouldn’t even be obligated to say, I’m such a hypocrite because I don’t do that things I advise others to do, but here goes nothing?
    Please don’t ever feel like you can’t express your anger, sadness, frustration. Because then it’ll only build up in you. But you also can’t be so hard on yourself, you can’t blame yourself for everything, just like how at one point I blamed society for how I grew up, how I’m growing up.
    But at the same time, I have to agree, adults have left a world for us to fix, but you can also see it in a different light. And because we’ve been left this, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you can look at this and say that this is our generation’s version of a hard time. Maybe before it might have been poverty, or general society not accepting other people. But it’s something that will allow us to grow!
    I know this is such a happy spin on everything, and I know history shows such brutal truth, but I also know that the world we live in wouldn’t be the same without it.
    But yes. Be angry. Be mad. But do it for a reason. Don’t blindly be angry for nothing. Be mad so that you can change something for your children. And I know I’m still considered a ‘child’. But I know that we also look up to the adults in the world. The ones that have succeeded. The ones that inspire. The ones that change. The ones that show that you can do anything if you just try.
    What you wrote might show the flip side that no one might agree with, but it needs to be said. It can’t be ignored. And nothing is silly. Nothing is ‘bad’. Nothing should be considered ‘bad’. It just is.
    This is getting long, but continue to do what you’re doing, you’ve made it this far and I know you can continue to do more! Just one step at a time.
    “Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow.” ~OC(2020)

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    • Thank you so much for kind inspiring words. I guess I was trying to use my anger for something- with my writing to get a message across – for me if no one else.
      Sometimes the truth is brutal but you’re right it can be counter productive to be so hard on yourself. ESP if it puts you in a state of hopelessness. The world doesn’t need that. But you’re spot on.
      I was simply expressing my anger. Clearly there was some there. I’d much rather put it down on paper like that then run the risk of taking it out on anyone person. I actually felt much better after writing it. I very much plan to use that anger to become more active in fighting climate change and to fuel future posts that can help others make practical changes on an individual level.
      Can I say that attitude is truly inspiring. It gives me hope. I hope my children can adopt a similar one. To see that with struggle comes a huge opportunity for growth. Well I think there is going to ample opportunity for growth over the next few decades! But hope is dangerous too. Like anger it must inspire action. Must.
      Thank you again. You are very wise indeed. Wishing you all the best, AP2

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  • Thank you, I’m glad you felt better after writing! It’s great to have an outlet and I’m flattered that you think my attitude is one worth having(though at times I could disagree with this), and I am anything but wise(after all, everyone makes mistakes). What is wise? Probably this blog 🙂
    But thank you, for this blog and every inspirational word that YOU have said, stay safe! ~J

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    • I think, like me, this blog has its moments – but on the whole maybe not. I use it to help me as well as others – thats why I often to give an unfiltered perspective – I figure if people can really see what’s going on with me they’ll be better equipped to give me good advice – exactly as you have. You are wise – well beyond your years. Don’t forget it. Right back at you J. Stay safe. All the best, AP2

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    • Yes I was. In retrospect I think I expressed my anger a bit too forcefully! But I wanted to give an unfiltered view of what I was going through my mind at the time. Anger is usually an inappropriate emotion to respond to in most situations but not, I believe, when it comes to the survival of our planet. Thanks for stopping by. No problem – I’ll check it out. All the best, AP2 🙏

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  • I sincerely felt this on another level. There’s no single word I could add to this. And it surely was amazing reading it… Especially in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. But yeah fuck me too for being too complacent and avoiding conflict by not calling out the injustices done to this planet. I sh’d be ashamed of myself for not planting enough trees in my life, by not volunteering to clean my neighborhood enough times, for not taking part in environmental discussions in my area, city and country…
    I feel like I should print this and plaster to my wall as a reminder. Thank you fir your anger sir…!

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    • Its one of those posts I go back and forth about – It felt good to write and sounds good to read, but was it useful to be so angry at everything? Anger is useful if directed towards the right causes as you say. But beating yourself up and swearing off the world can be counter productive. Of course none of us are saints. The trick I think is to simply be a little better than we were yesterday. We must forgive ourselves for our past and move forward today. That’s all we can do. Stay well Francis and thanks for your comments – good chat 🙏


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