Tuesday’s Top Tip

One of the problems we have is the way many proponents of certain activities sell them to you.

Because they’re trying to sell you something they prey on your insecurities. They talk on and on about the benefits they have for you. How meditation, exercise and a balanced diet helps you. How you need this app. How you need to eat this food. How you need to go to this gym. How you are incomplete without this, that or what-the-fuck ever…

Often they’ll over emphasise the benefits these activities have for you without mentioning the larger reasons beyond the immediate. It’s easier to sell you something that way. It just doesn’t help with motivation in the longer term. So you keep coming back for the next best thing to fix your life.

By the by, did no-one tell you that you don’t need a meditation app to meditate?

If you want to make something like mediation a habit it’s far better to consider how taking the time to cultivate mindfulness is of benefit to your family and friends, as well as yourself. As in, don’t just concentrate on what something is doing for you, consider what your actions are doing for everybody else as well. 

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip

    • Haha yeah I think it’s going that way. Although it does have its its place – guided meditations can work well for beginners but you certainly don’t need one – especially if you’ve been a practitioner for a long time. Thanks Cheryl. Wishing you well, 🙏

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    • I guess its tough because you are still trying to sell it to that person and they want to know what that thing does for them – this is how you sell things but the focus on the I, doesn’t necessarily work for longer term motivation (at least not for me). When I go to work I focus on who I’m doing it for – I get far greater pleasure and perspective on why I do what I do. It helps enormously. Thanks for stopping by again friend. I’m no stranger to overthinking! 🙏

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  • You know pilot. If people haven’t figured out by now that what’s right for the goose isn’t always right for the gander, and that opinions are a dime a dozen, and that 99.9% of what others are selling isn’t intended for your benefit but for their monetary gain — then they deserve to get what they get! And that’s False Hope!

    I for one, am sick of all these, so-called, and in many instances self-proclaimed, “Life coaches” and “Health Gurus.” They’re all over the net, all over the blogoshere, trying to tell us (people they’ve never met and haven’t a clue about) how to get the best out of “our Lives!” “Follow these steps to better health and you too can overcome what ails you! Just listen to me and blah, blah, blah!!” Gimme a break! If you think for one minute that their lives are that much better than yours, that they don’t have troubles just like the rest of us? Then you my friend are living in a different reality.

    I’m astonished at the deceivability that still exists today when simple logic and past experience should tell you what you need to know. Are you really going to take to heart what some stranger, some unknown online advisor tells you? And not just about a miracle cure for what ails you, but anything you read on social media today should be taken with a grain of salt. Haven’t we learned anything, when even a President continuously lies for his own selfish gains?

    No wonder conspiracies, unsubstantiated beliefs and crazy misinformed loonies are running amok in our society today. Look, I’m of course not including everybody! But Critical thinking it seems, has gone the way of the Dodo! But I digress. My rant is over Pilot. And yes I feel better, although only slightly! Keep your wings level ace! Till next time, be well my friend!

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    • Haha Wayne – I love this rant!! You should make it a post. I had a discussion the other day with a Trump supporter who argued that global warming shouldn’t be trusted and that science is a political tool. He also claimed that science wasn’t the reason that aeroplanes fly and that an engineering degree (which he did) wasn’t a science based degree 😣. He wasn’t a dumb person either it’s just that people believe whatever the fuck they want to, so they don’t have to feel guilty about choices they’ve already made. I think people maybe avoid shame like the plague and the results are devastating for all of us. As you say critical thinking has gone the way fo the Dodo (brilliant quote) – it requires owning up to some hard truths that people seem so unwilling to do. You’re point about life coaches and online health gurus – I think a lot these people do more harm than good. Be careful what you choose to believe – consider why you are doing something – make it about other people for a change. We could go far Wayne… if only. Anyway great chat as always buddy. Take it easy 🙏

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      • Thanks Pilot, I knew you’d agree! I’m going to have to comment on your site more often Ace. Because your right! Another good idea for a post! Your a virtual idea maker my friend. Coming soon to the WordofWayne — “The Dangers of Online advice” Okay yeah, it needs work! Later Flyer!

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  • Agreed! I happen to be a gullible young girl who takes the chance and lets them have it their way, though I know that most of the time that those products won’t ‘make my life better’ 😂
    Ahaha, I guess those apps don’t do much good for our mental health since most of the time when I use them,it just gives me anxiety and I end up deleting it 😅
    I should go back to doing my math homework 😓
    Sending virtual love and well wishes! ~Janelle

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    • Doing your homework (same applies to adults) goes a long way to helping reduce anxiety. Quick fixes waste time and energy and they never work. Keep it up Janelle – all the same back to you. 🙏

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  • People can be so ego centric, me included. Someone came to me and asked me why meditation wasn’t working on them as much as I feel its working on me. And I ask her what she wanted it to do for her… She said fix her anxiety, depression etc… So I asked her why would sitting down, closing her eyes and being aware of the self fix anything…

    She did not get it.

    So I said, meditation was never meant to fix anything. Once you start expecting results from meditation you are not meditating. Because every single minute you’re sitting there you expect something to happen, you are not just sitting there becoming aware of your self. It becomes a task and after a few sessions you want to give up and many people do…

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  • It’s not the tool that does the work – it’s us!

    A hard working and innovative person with a basic set of tools will be able to create wonderful things. But someone who has the fanciest set of tools but not the persevererance to follow through is far less likely to succeed.

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