Tuesday’s Top Tip

There are no good people.

There are no bad people.

There are only those who are trying to be better and those who are not.

Trying to be a “good person” or aiming for some idea of perfection is exactly what society wants you to do. This makes you feel like you’re always less than, like you’re not a good person, that you’re not capable…

For lack of putting it a better way, this is complete horse sh*t.

Forget good.

Forget perfect.

You are neither of those things. Well, maybe you’re occasionally capable of being good as defined by society, but never perfect. That is a fantasy.

No no no.

Banish good and perfect from your vocabulary and concentrate on one word alone.

That is better.

Make it your only aim in life. Your only aim everyday in whatever it is you decided to do. Simply try to be a better person.

This, you always can be.

This is enough.

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13 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip

  • This is a great post. I’m the type of person that compares myself to other people and always feel less than as a result. I do believe that this is a mindset, but it’s so hard to change when it’s become second nature. Thanks for the great reminder.

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    • We all fall into the comparison trap. It’s the way our society is set up. You are definitely not alone. Work on being better. If you have, then you can hold your head up high. Try your best, forget the rest. Thank you for your kind words/comments. Wishing you well 🙏

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  • So true, perfection or goodness is so relative…we have to always decide whether to drive society or to be driven by society..or a bit of both to create a balance..a constant struggle throughout our lives…very insightful post

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    • I believe in having a strict moral code – but I believe that moral code should be driven by the self. We should place those expectations on ourselves. Given the freedom to do what’s right – most people choose to do exactly that – what’s right. When society places those expectations on us – we instinctively want to rebel – and many do. Freedom is critical to our wellbeing – I also believe it’s critical for the peace and happiness we desperately desire. I believe we all instinctively know what is right and when we have failed to live up to our own values. We just need to be brave enough to own up to it and feel our ‘own’ shame. Process it and then move on a better person. But there has to be a willingness from the individual to feel that shame themselves. When that shame is placed on them by society it twists them. They resist it – they repress it. A model society – at least in my eyes – should demonstrate what is right but it shouldn’t place shame on individuals like most currently do. The individuals will act in accordance with how others do, not what they are told. We are a society that loves to say the right thing but not do it. We need be one that does the right thing, with no need to say it.
      Excellent point Piyush – you got me thinking deeply. Thanks again. Wishing you well 🙏

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  • There has to be Willingness from any individual to feel shame for themselves… Mind blown! This is the truth that just slapped me hard on my face.

    People have a misconstrued version of freedom but I also blame it on society for putting pressure on people without first teaching them how to handle situations. Society has no time for soft lessons, you are forced to learn the hard way. You’re never aloud to test your waters (eg, process your own shame in your own time) you’re pushed in the deep and are expected to learn how to swim and get to shore.

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    • I agree. The problem we have, I think, is that the shame comes from the wrong place. When society tries to shame us we rebel. We use pride to defend ourselves. However when we are prepared to face our own shame. When we know that we have done wrong – or not lived up to our own moral standards – that’s when we take a step towards becoming a better person. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Francis 🙏


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