The Things That I Will Miss

“The great gift of such periods is that they invite us to question our certitudes, our givens, these seemingly sure foundations that have lulled us into complacency — for it is only by being jolted out of our complacencies, cultural or personal, that we ever reach beyond the horizon, toward new territories of truth, beauty, and flourishing.”

Maria Popova 

So much of what I’ve heard this year from family and friends has centred around what they miss. The things they took for granted before the pandemic. Wishing and hoping for some return to normality. 

While it’s nice to daydream I believe such thoughts take you away from the present moment. Where you live. Where it’s most important you find things you’re grateful for. 

For that reason I thought I’d turn the topic on it’s head and ask you all what you will miss from this time in your life right now, when this whole pandemic blows over and normality resumes (whatever and whenever that is)?

Allow me to start. 

I will miss the abundance of time I‘ve had with my family this year. I will miss seeing my precious boy grow during such a budding tender age. I will miss the times I’ve spent laughing, playing and being silly. I will miss being able to read him bedtime stories every night. 

I will miss the time spent with my wife. Time that has brought us closer together. I will miss the heartfelt chats every evening before bed. Singing and chatting to her belly, feeling as my second child would wriggle and kick with excitement. A precious gift to bring in the new year. 

I will miss connecting from isolation – long chats with family members and friends from all over the world. I miss the occasional virtual pub quiz.

I will miss the time available to pursue other ventures and pastimes. To read and write copious amounts. Time that has allowed my to both write and publish my first children’s book. Time that has allowed my to start and grow a blog – that has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful likeminded people from all around the world. People who have helped inspire me. Who have challenged me. Who have made me a better person. 

I will miss regular sleep – which for a pilot, I can tell you, is something I never take for granted! I will miss having a stable routine. For having the luxury to take my time and do everything I wish during my days off. 

I will miss the time to myself, the solitude. The time available to meditate at length and be still. To listen deeply. I will miss the way this has helped me gain insights I might never have made otherwise. 

I will miss creating art, playing video games, binge watching NETFLIX and otherwise being a complete slob.

Let me finish by saying how incredibly grateful I am for a year that has challenged me considerably. For a year that has made me wiser and stronger. For a year that has made more integral. For a year that has brought me closer to the values I hold dear.

For a year that has given me something few others have. A much deeper perspective. A much greater resilience. A much deeper love and compassion for both myself and the wider world. 

For a year that has put me in a better position to weather the storm ahead and come out on top. For a year that will make the rest of them that much brighter.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving everyone! I was preoccupied the other day but wanted to take the time to practise some gratitude with you. Out of interest what are some of the things you will miss from this time in your life? If you want to humour me you can tell me some of things you won’t miss as well. Wishing you all the very best. With love, AP2 x

36 thoughts on “The Things That I Will Miss

  • AP, this is a wonderful account of the positives you have experienced during the pandemic! 🙂 I think that the experience of meeting so many wonderful people on the blog is the greatest positive for me. I added the blog to my website at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. It has been an antidote for the isolation and has given me feedback on my writing, something I had always wished for.

    Stay safe and enjoy your family time, a great gift! ❤

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    • Blogging has been the most wonderful outlet – it’s allowed me to express myself in a way that I needed. More importantly, as you say, to connect with so many wonderful people committed to lifting each other up. It will be a hobby of mine for a long time to come. Thanks again Cheryl – and same to you 🙏

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  • We need to reconsider the way we live. All of us. We need to change, drastically. Eradicate poverty, pain and suffering. Put an end to consumerism, wars and inequalities.

    That is what this period of isolation has said to me.

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    • Well said Anthony and thank you for stopping by. Indeed it’s said much to me as well. To make sure we are honest with one another. To bring greater integrity into our lives. To protect the truth. Our freedoms. Our democracy. To stop turning our gaze away from the marginalised of society. To do more. To be more. We all need to start thinking as a collective and drop this outdated dog eats dog individualistic culture. 🙏

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  • Relatable post AP2.
    Pandemic’ farewell is near. As unlocking is going on in my country and I already missing some of these things.
    There are so many dreams that came true in this period. Like dream of students or job workers for a long holidays, dream of wife to be with her husband all the time, exams postponed 🤣.
    But truly all these days left a great story to tell our childrens. That how we got a lifetime opportunity to protect the world just by laying down on bed.

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    • Not sure if my wife dreamed of having me home so much 🤣. Haha but yes so true. A forced gap year for many. It will certainly be a story to tell. Something that made us all stronger. That brought us together. I’m privileged to have been flying this year – to help transport critical supplies and those who’ve had to travel for urgent reasons. Although it’s meant a great deal of time in isolation confined to hotel rooms it’s given my job greater meaning too! I look forward to helping transport vaccines around the world soon enough aswell.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts Ritish. Stay safe. Stay strong 🙏

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      • Haha! Go ask your wife, perhaps she did wish for that. But wow! It’s so great of you that you actually helped people in need. Just keep doing it. It’s been an honor that we all came together in this difficult times. I’m pretty sure, we’re
        gonna get through this together. Cheers my Friend. ✌️

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  • For me, its not what I will miss, but what I’ve learned about human nature during this pandemic. How prone we are to misinformation, conspiracy theories and how easily led by figures of statue. How dark and destructive social media can be in the hands of those spewing propaganda and how easy it is to blur the truth from fiction.

    Most of all how desperately we need to change this before it goes to far and becomes unchangeable! I agree with Anthony! If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need change!

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    • Agreed completely Wayne. We need to change. No doubt about it. The darkness has really brought all this to light. It’s put a spotlight on the problems we desperately need to change. That is, at least, a good thing. I believe the evil in this world are squirming and trying hard to hold on to whatever power they can in a desperate change to resist these changes. It won’t last because it can’t. We must all do our part of course. Time to stand up for the truth. To stand up for the marginalised. To stand up and protect our freedoms. I’ve not lost my fight. If anything this year has given it to me. Another reason I’m grateful for it.

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  • This is a wonderful post and I agree that while the past year has been very challenging, there are so many things to be grateful for.

    For me, it’s about the gift of time with my hubby and my son, getting to sleep more, feeling more connected with nature and the outdoors, and the general slowing down of things.

    While I’m looking so forward to going back to a normal life again, there are some blessings from this moment that I wish could last forever.

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    • Agreed. I believe many of us will look at this period of time as a period of immense personal growth. Still I’m certainly ready for some semblance of normality about now! Thanks for popping by Ab and sharing your thoughts. Wishing you well 🙏

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  • AP2, I thank you for this post. It is a thoughtful look at many of the positives this pandemic has brought. Like you, I have learned “how incredibly grateful I am for a year that has challenged me considerably. For a year that has made me wiser and stronger. For a year that has made more integral. For a year that has brought me closer to the values I hold dear. ” That was so well put… I cannot agree more. May we emerge from this pandemic as a wiser and stronger world… more unified, more caring, and more aware of the vast impact our actions have on the lives of others. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs to you ❤

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  • What a wonderful read Ap2!I have realized many times that “What all I have today is primarily because of all other things that I don’t/didn’t have”..paradoxical it is but true.Whenever LIFE/EXISTENCE is taking something from you it is giving you back in a lot bigger at the same time .Most often we are not able to see that in those moments .But it’s always happening.P

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    • Thank you so much. When life takes something from us it gives us something in return, even if it’s not clear straight away. This year has taken a great deal from all of us. But given a lot in return. I believe the future will show us just how much it has given us. Great point and thank you for making me think more deeply 🙏


  • Personally the last 18 months were very traumatic for my family and myself .I am very thankful that I got this time to heal myself .I will miss my morning routines which is the most important part of my day and all that time for myself .

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    • I’m sorry to hear that but I’m glad you’ve found the time to heal. Many of us don’t take that time. Routine has been massive for me too. Has made a big difference to my mental and physical health this year. Wishing you the best on your journey forward 🙏


  • Reblogged this on Robby Robin's Journey and commented:
    The blog Clear Air Turbulence has a tagline that really speaks to me: On Navigating Turbulent Emotions and Building A Strong Moral Compass – From A Father, Husband, Pilot & Writer… If there ever was a time when turbulent emotions were pervasive and building a strong moral compass incredibly important, now is the time.
    This father, husband, and pilot (who must have seen far less flight time than one would have normally expected this past year) has written a thought-provoking and heartening post this past week where he turned around the question being frequently asked these days. The question we hear so often is something like, “What do you miss most that this pandemic has taken away from you?” He has turned the question around to something like, “What will you miss most from your time right now when this pandemic is finally behind us?
    He has come up with some pretty darn compelling answers. Take a look and see what I mean. How would you answer the question of what you will miss when “normal” life returns? It’s worth thinking about. My guess is that we can all think of some things that we have done, some changes we have made – even little ones – that have been for the better. It’s called looking for the silver lining. Thanks for making me think about this, AP2.

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  • A beautiful and positive blog. You made it so easy to follow you. I won’t miss anything because my hope is to continue what all of us should have been doing in the first place. It is the best way to honour those that paid with their lives.

    I look forward to more of your posts.

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