Tuesday’s Top Tip

Don’t eat yellow snow.

No. Nope.

Chase your dreams?

Naaah. Too trite.


Forcing it…

Maybe don’t?

Don’t force it. 

Here we go. 

Don’t force life. 

You shouldn’t have to! There should be, I believe, a certain flow to it. That comes from letting go a little (or a lot). It comes from letting the river carry you down stream.

That’s how you get the most enjoyment from life.

Sure there are occasions where you need to to give yourself a slap in the face, a freezing cold shower or a motivational speech in front of the mirror (What… You don’t do that?), but that should simply be to get things off the ground. 

Afterwards things should come about somewhat naturally. I believe this comes from not giving a f*** so much. I believe it comes from trusting your gut. Following your intuition. Whatever it is you want to call it. 

If you happen to find that everything is a massive struggle – that everything feels like one big drag, that’s probably a good sign that you’ve been forcing life. It’s a sign you’re burnt out (or depressed). 

Let’s take writing as an example. If you find yourself in a spiral trying to rewrite a certain bastard post several hundred times, you need to walk away and do something else. 

Meditate. Go for a walk. Go for a w… walk (yeah I already said that). Whatever it is. Laugh. Play. Enjoy. Then come back when you’re itching to do so.

We both know that the best stuff you and I write are rarely the blog posts we’ve slaved over but the ones that came about naturally. From the heart (and with a glass of red wine.) 

Live and let go. There is always tomorrow. Or maybe there isn’t! Either way it’s probably best to enjoy today as your first order of business. 

Is this good advice? No idea. Don’t really care. I’m winging it. I’m enjoying it. Along with this lovely glass of vino. That’s good enough for me. 

Till next weeks piece of useful advice…

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5 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip

  • Another great post, AP2! Thank you! You nailed it! It’s so true–don’t force, flow. My issue used to be that I didn’t have a clue whether I was heading upstream or down! That may sound incredibly stupid, but it’s true. I was just so dogged–I would go, go, go. Writing was the one activity in which I “knew.” I knew when the words were flowing from Source. Now, I do my best to attune to “That.”
    Hey, a sidenote: I just ordered “I, Reality and Subjectivity” by David Hawkins. It’s supposed to be amazing. I can hardly wait. Have you read any of his books?

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s awesome. Sometimes I slave over posts and rarely like them as much as the ones that ‘flow’ out of me. Although I think doing it the hard way has its value. Still I love the concept of flow motion Art. It makes so much sense to me – however hard it is to find much of the time!

      No I haven’t read any of David Hawkin’s book but I’ll look into it. Thanks again for sharing. Wishing you a happy new year Art. 🙏


      • Great to hear from you, AP2. I know what you mean about “slaving,” or at least a lot of editing. I also know about “flow,” which is so incredible. I find that the more I trust Life–in everything, including writing–my so-called personal life gets better.
        I’ll let you know about Hawkins, but I believe his works are going to add even greater depth to my understanding. You can see him on Youtube if you wish. His body has passed, but his works live on.
        Wishing you and your family an amazing New Year, too!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Art. It’s been a pleasure connecting with you this year. I look forward to more chats in 2021. Happy new year to you and yours as well 🙏


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