Tuesday’s Top Tip

There are many people who believe that life is meaningless and argue, for that reason, what’s the point? Why bother?

I have two responses.

The first is why not?

If life is meaningless then you have no reason not to put yourself out there. No excuse not to be courageous. If it doesn’t matter then why wouldn’t you take risks? Why wouldn’t you want to see if you can achieve your dreams?

To simply say there is no point so why bother is a cop out. It’s a poor excuse and you know it.

Here’s the second more important thing I would say.

Life is meaningless because meaning implies understanding. Whatever life means. Whatever the why may or may not be. What it is… is beyond our comprehension. It is therefore beyond meaning. Ergo, it is meaningless.


It’s preciously because life is meaningless that we must give it meaning. That’s how you guard against nihilism. That’s how you stop from falling down the rabbit hole.

Life is chaotic which is why we must strive to give it order, no matter how trying the circumstances.

To live is to suffer, it’s an unavoidable aspect of Being. Which is why we must suffer with purpose. It’s why we must seek to alleviate the suffering in others, however small, it whatever way we can.

That’s how we find balance. That’s how we stop from falling into the abyss.

The truth is your life holds as much meaning as you give it. The answer to this dilemma – whether it’s true or not – is to give your life as much meaning as you possible can. To fill every corner of your precious existence with it.

If you do, you will no longer be concerned with what the meaning of life is. You will understand that the question doesn’t matter. You will understand that your life does and that this is enough.

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22 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Top Tip

    • Exactly – we give are the ones who give it meaning and we should! We can get lost thinking that a lack of any greater meaning renders our existence futile. But that just takes you away from the present. All the meaning we need to find is right in front of us. Thanks Ashely – I always value your comments. 🙏

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    • Thank you so much. You’re right. Looking for it the smallest things is important. Like looking for it in difficult and trying circumstances especially. I think this is what makes us. This is what makes the everyday stuff more beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

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  • Hey Pilot! For me, the meaning of life is simple. Everything else, all meanings we theorize for ourselves are just postulations of a highly emotional human brain. Which includes desire. The wanting to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

    But we already are! We are all part of the wonders and beauty of nature. And part of the universe itself, including all things within it. Perhaps the meaning of life — is life itself. Including our Life! A gift too many of us take for granted when instead we should be celebrating our lives with joy. After all, making the best out of the gift we’ve been given — seems to me, like the right thing to do!

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head. The human ego’s need to always be something more – something greater. It misses the point. The point is life itself. Why shouldn’t it be? Why isn’t that enough? When we consider how extraordinary lucky we are to be alive. When we consider the odds against which we exist. It’s the equivalent of the winning the lottery many billions of times over. So many waste their days wishing for a different life – one in which they have won actually the lottery – all the while missing the very one right in front of their very eyes – forgetting that they’ve already won it! Be careful what you wish for. Actually be careful not to wish at all. Try being thankful instead.
      Cheers Wayne – always value your insights.

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      • ‘Be careful not to wish at all. Try being thankful instead.’

        Im sorry I had to repeat this on its own. It swept me and cracked my brain open.

        We chase after valueless meanings and wishes because we are fixated on looking for more yet we have it all. We just need to turn our heads and eyes away from the outside and look within because then we would realise that we have it all, everything we ever needed we already have. We just need to realise this and be thankful for all we have.

        What’s the point of going look for more when we haven’t even learned to use to full extent what we currently have?

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      • Exactly – why hope for more if you have everything already? Maybe the ego will never be satisfied- maybe better to practise acceptance and gratitude for what it/what you have rather than hoping? What if everything is perfect right now and you’re missing it? These are good questions to ask ourselves every single day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Francis 🙏


    • Thanks Barb- I had the same thought when I was writing, but decided to just go with it anyway. I tend to play fast and loose with the rules. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙏


  • This is an essential understanding and is so well-written, AP! How entitled a person is to think life “owes him a living!” The same goes for the one who expects meaning to be handed to him. LIFE is the gift! Life is the opportunity to create meaning.

    Hope you and your family are doing well! ❤

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    • Thank you Cheryl. You’re too kind! Life is most definitely the gift. When we look for the meaning, when we look for the beauty, we will find it. Family is doing very well thank you. Wishing you and yours the same 🙏


  • We are gifted life, then it’s our part to find our purpose, This way, we give meaning to our lives. True, even though some claim it to be meaningless, then why not live it and test the limits?

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