3-2-1 Mindset Mondays

Hello lovely readers and welcome back to Mindset Mondays! The only weekly post that inspires you to care less…

Following a 3-2-1 approach, it contains 3 thoughts from me (that you should ignore), 2 quotes from others (that you should read), and 1 thing I’ve been reading, watching or listening to this week that has helped me grow.

As a bonus I’ve finished with 1 joke that’s so bad, it’s good.

Let’s begin!

3 x Thoughts:

1) Giving a shit about everything makes you incapable of solving anything. That’s not to say your shouldn’t give a fuck, but to make sure your fucks are targeted. Then ruthlessly not give a fuck about anything else. The world will be far better off if you do this.

2)The creative process is about expressing your individuality. In order to express the truest version of yourself, you have to stop giving a fuck what anyone else thinks. The best creativity comes about spontaneously – from a place of playful freedom. That means allowing your subconscious mind to express itself through you. That’s how you unlock your creative genius. 

3) While we’re on the subject of not giving a fuck, here’s why you shouldn’t give fuck about swearing, or most anything offensive that someone says: Because being offended is a choice. By being offended you give away your power. It lets your enemies know they don’t need sticks and stones to break your bones, because names will do just nicely

2 x Quotes:

“There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing and be nothing.”

– Aristotle

“When you stop living your life based on what others think of you, real life begins. At that moment, you will finally see the door of self-acceptance opened.”

~ Shannon L. Adler (SOURCE: https://cheriewhite.blog)

1 x Thing:

This Mark Manson article: How To Be More Productive By Working Less. This article explains why more isn’t necessarily better when it comes to work – and how working too much can actually produce diminishing/negative returns. If you’ve ever found yourself writing in circles to the point that you end up creating more work for yourself – this article is worth your time. Quote from the article below:

Solving problems is to your mind as food is to your stomach. It needs a variety of stimulation and too much of one kind will cause it to get sick and tired. But what’s amazing is that leisure time—this ability to distract one’s brain away from problem-solving and work—actually makes your brain far more effective upon returning to work.”

1 x Joke:

Another far side comic for you all this week – this one resonated with me on many levels. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks ladies and gentlemen, I’m here all week! As always I welcome ALL thoughts and opinions on this blog. Please let us know in the comments section below.

One bonus idea: Why not write a give-a-fuck-about list detailing the things you care about most, and then use the process of elimination to cut out everything that’s not on it?


Mindset Mondays – 07/06/21

37 thoughts on “3-2-1 Mindset Mondays

  • Love the creative process ideas because we really can’t care about everything. While raising 5 kids, we had to decide to “pick our issues” because we couldn’t go after every single thing. It applies to everything! Love how you connected it to creativity

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    • Thanks Kathy. That’s really what freedom means – that we get to pick our issues (or, at least, how we deal with them). Freedom is not about picking whatever we want to do. Freedom is freedom from oppression, not from responsibility. You cannot escape responsibility. 🙏


    • I think the problem is people are so conditioned to believing a certain thing, that whenever their beliefs are challenged, the response feels automatic. But if you dig deep, there is still a space between stimulus and reaction where you can choose not to be offended. It takes presence of mind to see it, which isn’t easy of course. Thanks for stopping by again – I really appreciate your comments. 🙏


    • Everything is harder to do than it is to say – that’s why I write! 😂 It would be a lie to say I don’t care what other people think – I do. As I get older I simply realise that what works best is when I don’t. When I write and don’t think about it, I believe I produce my most interesting work. So now I try to simply be myself and not give a fuck so much. Which is hard and something I have to practise – but that awareness is important. Thanks Andrew 🙏

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  • Hey AP2… I work with an asshole who likes to throw zingers my way… and I feel like he tries to get inside my head a little to fuck with me. He’s like my kryptonite. But here’s the thing… as I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with who I am and what I bring to the table… I honestly/sincerely do not give a fuck what this piece of shit throws at me–I look at it like shit that helps a plant grow. This co-worker is helping me grow faster than I normally would like to. So… I’m okay with it… I think it’s fun.

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    • I think you raise a very good point about building emotional resilience here. We’re often taught to avoid toxic individuals or those that we disagree with, but I’ve come to realise that’s not always possible or even realistic. Often we don’t have a choice – we will always have to deal with people we don’t get along with. We can either suffer as a result – wishing for them or the situation to be different – or we can use it as an opportunity to grow some backbone.

      “The desire for a more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.” – Mark Manson

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏


  • I agree with you. You can’t care or give a shit about everything under the sun. Sorry, I’m not a F word person. Have hardly ever used it my entire life.
    Does that mean I’m a sissy?
    I really give a f**k.
    I think choosing your battles wisely is better than diving into all and nothing. Because that will be the outcome.
    And it’s not only one person’s responsibility to be heaving around everyone’s shit.
    We all have a duty to clean up after ourselves. Tough luck if some don’t understand this.
    And being offended is just smacking yourself. The pain stays with you and nobody even cares.
    Criticism is the crux of judgmental existence. Let it be and breathe free.
    The joke is hilarious. Kids seats should actually be on the wing. I think it would benefit everyone.
    Great post and thoughts as always. 🙂

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    • You don’t have to apologise for not being a F word person. What matters is that you’re comfortable in your own skin. You make a great point about being judged – people will either way – best to be yourself for that reason. Interestingly I have my own strange moral code when it comes to swearing. I never use the c word because I feel like it has misogynistic connotations, however, I do enjoy using the f word. I feel it emphasises a point in a way few words can. But even then I’m careful not to direct at anyone in particular. Perhaps that makes me uncouth or unsophisticated in the eyes of some but as you say – I couldn’t give a fuck. It’s me. And I believe in honest self expression. I also believe in writing a little dangerously.

      Choosing your battles – that’s exactly what it coms down to. In trying to fight too many we fail to properly stand up for anything.

      “Criticism is the crux of judgmental existence” – I love that. Don’t criticise the world until you have your own house in perfect order. I think of being offended like football (soccer) players rolling around on the floor after they’ve been tackled. Just shake it off and get on with the game.

      Glad you enjoyed the joke. As always I really enjoy hearing your thoughts. Thank you Terveen 🙂🙏

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      • Your writing is always honest. You are a passionate thinker. And I do believe that some words are more effective than others. There’s really nothing good or bad. It’s all about perspective. And criticism is what makes the shallow world go round. And it’s always okay as long as it doesn’t come your own way. Then we’re just crybabies and tackled football players.
        I hope you continue to write dangerously. It’s a great way of putting people to the test of their own thoughts and feelings. A real zip-zap-zow!
        I don’t even think that’s a thing. But they’re my words. And that’s that.
        Take care and keep your posts coming. 🙂

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  • Your three thoughts are thoughtful and make one ponder.

    The two quotes are gems of wisdom. Unfortunately we are born with ‘criticise all the time mentality hence no escape.

    Shannon’s quote, one can try but difficult to follow all the time because of circumstance

    Mark Manson article is worth reading.

    Enjoyed the joke

    Thank you for this lovely post AP2

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