Stuck in the Clouds: On Freedom of Speech

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Following a 3-2-1 approach, it contains 3 thoughts from me (that you should ignore), 2 quotes from others (that you should read), and 1 joke that’s so bad, it’s good!

Let’s begin!

3 Thoughts:

1) “To remain present – to treat each moment as my last – to savour this one life I have. To really see what’s around me. To respond to all things with compassion and love – including myself. To be grateful for all that I have – to express that gratitude to all that I love.” – click to tweet

2) “Should I not attempt to form an argument? Knowing that what I’m saying is wrong in some way, shape, or form (or perhaps entirely)? Should I not have an opinion – as poorly formed as it might be? Should I not put that opinion out there even if it is laughed at, stamped on, or completely torn apart? Should we not do the same with any piece of art? As imperfect as it is? That’s one of the primary reasons for putting my opinion out there: to help me find the blindspots in my thinking. Which are both gigantic and numerous. I’m not just trying to challenge you with my writing; I’m trying to challenge myself.” – click to tweet

3) “Be humble enough to consider the other side and admit when/where you have it wrong. If you need help understanding something ask questions. If you’re struggling to see it from the other side, become curious, not judgemental. We all have our beliefs. We all cling to them out of security. We’re all ignorant to a large degree. Be sensitive to that.” – click to tweet


“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

― George Orwell

“In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive.”

― Jordan B. Peterson

1 Joke: 

 What does the Statue of Liberty stand for?

It can’t sit down.

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8 thoughts on “Stuck in the Clouds: On Freedom of Speech

    • It’s a great quote that one. We all want to be heard but we don’t want to hear what others have to say. Learning to listen will make you a lot of friends in this world. Thank you Fred. Hope you are well 🙏


  • Your second thought struck home most for me. If we approach life with an attitude of knowing all the answers and always being right, we may not be open to others’ opinions and not see the flaws or gaps in our own. Discussion and healthy debate also grants us the opportunity to develop our own ideas and expand our horizons

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Brenda. I agree. Coming from a position of wanting to learn – of making the safe assumption that the person you are taking to knows something you don’t – that there is at least some kind of truth beneath the surface. This helps us keep an open mind.

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  • This is such a timely post, AP. When I think about the state of the world and how no one can have civil discourse anymore. We can certainly do more to listen… and to not react when something is said that we don’t disagree with. But I also do feel that we need to continue to speak up against that are genuinely just wrong. As always, it is about finding that delicate balance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s a real issue – so many of us struggle to be honest our of fear of a backlash. This unwillingness to confront others is only making things worse. It’s only making us less tolerant/able to deal with criticism/differing opinions. The balance is hard but it must be sought. Thanks for adding your thoughts Ab. Hope you and yous are doing well 🙏

      Liked by 1 person

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