Stuck in the Clouds: On Being Stuck in the Clouds and Zooming the Lens Out

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Following a 3-2-1 approach, it contains 3 thoughts from me (that you should ignore), 2 quotes from others (that you should read), and 1 joke that’s so bad, it’s good!

Let’s begin!

3 Thoughts:

1) “Which came first, the thought or the feeling, is a bit like asking whether it was the chicken or the egg. In either case they perpetuate one another. Negative feeling creates negative thought creates negative feeling creates negative thought… Thoughts themselves are often a form of distraction we pursue to escape our pain.

So our heads get stuck in the clouds.

To escape the emotional rabbit hole it’s useful to ask what basic emotion it is you’re avoiding. Then practise letting it go. Once you’ve done that, you can examine the thought from a more objective place to determine whether it’s grounded in reality or not.” – click to tweet

2) “If you’re feeling overwhelmed try zooming the lens out and consider the bigger 10-year picture. Use that to remind yourself there is no need to rush. Then, keep zooming out to the end of existence itself and remind yourself that nothing fucking matters. Then come back to what you were doing.” – click to tweet

3)  “Being successful on the wrong path should scare you far more than any amount of failure on the right one.” – click to tweet


Never attach yourself to person, a place, a company, an organization or a project. Attach yourself to a mission, a calling, a purpose only. That’s how you keep your power and your peace.”

Elon Musk

When letting go, it’s not helpful to “think” about the technique. It’s better, simply, just to do it. Eventually it will be seen that all thoughts are resistance. They are all images that the mind has made to prevent us from experiencing what actually is. When we have been letting go for a while and have begun experiencing what is really going on, we will laugh at our thoughts. Thoughts are fakes, absurd make-beliefs that obscure the truth. Pursuing thoughts can keep us occupied endlessly. We will discover one day that we are right where we started. Thoughts are like gold fish in a bowl; the real Self is like the water. The real Self is the space between the thoughts, or more exactly, the field of silent awareness underneath all thoughts.

— David R. Hawkins (from “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender”)

1 Joke: 

My wife got annoyed at me for failing to clean the coffee machine.

She said it was it grounds for divorce.

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10 thoughts on “Stuck in the Clouds: On Being Stuck in the Clouds and Zooming the Lens Out

  • I believe our thoughts create our feelings that drive our actions. I agree starting with identifying what we’re feeling is mostly a great place to start when feeling stuck in the negative feeling/thoughts loop.

    The Elon Musk quote is something I constantly remind myself of in my business. It helps me stay focused.

    Thank you for the insightful quotes and that dose of much needed laughter 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I honestly have no idea. I think it’s both. Sometimes the thought triggers the feeling but certainly feelings can come and go. I know if I feel tired for example that can trigger certain thought patterns. I liked the Elon Musk quote too. I’m pleased to hear you have a mission that keeps you focused. I believe that’s important. Thank you. Wishing you well Megha 🙏


    • Yeah, I certainly can’t claim not to be attached to my relationships with my children or my wife. But the quote was an interesting one that made me think. I like that approach when it comes to work at least. Thanks Jane 🙏


      • LOL. Yes. I agree that his theory can apply to work, although for me, empathy in my approach towards my students, colleagues, and superiors was #1 both for personal fulfillment and for success in accomplishing all of our goals.

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  • They’re going to roast you in court! 😆

    I agree about zooming out to a larger view when stuck in the weeds and granular stresses of the day. I like the suggestion to look at a 10-year view and it feels like overwhelming and one can see that the daily steps forward (or backwards or sideways) are headed towards a bigger purpose. 🙏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha good one. I’ll undoubtedly be roasted. A ten year picture is good. 1 year is often unrealistic in terms of what we want to achieve/who we wish to become. A 10 year vision helps to maintain that direction without putting too much pressure on today. Thanks Ab 🙏🙂


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