Stuck in the Clouds: On Nurturing Your Roots and Pride Versus Love.

Hello lovely readers and welcome back to my high-flying newsletter! The only newsletter that takes no pride in itself…

Following a 3-2-1 approach, it contains 3 thoughts from me (that you should ignore), 2 quotes from others (that you should read), and 1 joke that’s so bad, it’s good!

Let’s begin!

3 Thoughts:

1) “A plant can’t grow if you water the leaves. It’s the roots you must nurture. The deeper your roots the more stability you have, the more able you are to weather life’s storms. Our roots don’t just help us reach for the sky, they prevent us from getting swept away.” – click to tweet

2) “Most people fixate on why they are the way they are, instead of asking what kind of person they are and what they should do about it. This is a massive self-awareness hack: ask what not why. What is solutions focused. Why keeps us trapped in unproductive thoughts about the past.” – click to tweet

3)  “Is pride a good thing? Is it good to be proud of your country or your job or your kids? What if you simply loved them? Perhaps pride is the reason you’re angry? Your pride has been hurt because someone didn’t say thank you. If you do something out of love what does it matter? Pride is ego. Love is egoless.” – click to tweet


When you invent the ship, you also invent the shipwreck.”

Paul Virilio

If distraction costs us time, then time management is pain management.

Nir Eyal

1 Joke 

My bike fell over after a long ride the other day.

I told my wife it must have two-tired!

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10 thoughts on “Stuck in the Clouds: On Nurturing Your Roots and Pride Versus Love.

  • Asking what instead of why is such a powerful way to reframe our perspective. Truly life-changing!
    Thank you for sharing thought #3 It’s an interesting thought. Something I have never considered before.

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  • Love is most certainly egoless and unconditional as well – and when it’s otherwise, then it is indeed Pride.

    Agreed about needing to nurture the roots, the unseen rather than the things that are seen.

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  • Your quote reminded me of the old saying “Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society. The optimists invent the airplane and the pessimists the parachute.” 🙃 (not sure who said that, maybe Shaw?)

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    • Ah that’s a good quote as well. It was shaw yes! So true. Places the pessimists in a more positive light too – which I like. 🙃 Thank you for taking the time to read/comment 🙏

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      • Progress requires optimism – otherwise we wouldn’t leave our caves. Pessimism keeps us alive. It prevent our optimism from jumping off the cliff with nothing but some makeshift paper wings attached to our arms. I would argue we need both. As an individual it’s probably worth asking which do I need more of. Another good question.

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      • I agree we need both, and I wonder if both, in a way can help progress. Maybe the pessimists who foresaw floods flooding the caves forced the happy-go-lucky optimists to search for a better life? 😁 I’m actually taking a course now about our pre-history and what brought about the very slow evolution towards agriculture… It turns out the lecturer proposes that the word “revolution” in “agricultural revolution” is misplaced. It was a slow process spanning many millennia. Interesting stuff.

        I do agree we need both. With a healthy dose of realism! As in that other quote “The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change,the realist adjusts the sails”?

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