Hello there and welcome aboard my flight!

My name is AP2. I’m a commercial airline pilot living in and out of Hong Kong with a particular love for family life, traveling the world, improving the self and writing poorly.

I frequently have my head stuck in the clouds.

To tell you about this blog, Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) is an aviation term that stands for, “The turbulent movement of air masses in the absence of any visual clues.”  

As a pilot (Did I mention that already?), I feel the term serves as a beautiful metaphor for life. Much like CAT, I believe all of us deal with problems the rest of us can’t see, yet the turbulence we feel is very real.

As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I decided to put this blog together to help others learn how to navigate their fears and build the confidence needed to take better command of their lives.

I have abbreviated this mission statement with the following tagline: How to Command Life

For more information about how I plan to take you to your final destination then please check out this free branding guide, otherwise I suggest you be seated with your seat belts securely fastened.

Shit’s about get bumpy!

If you want to fly, however, I’m afraid you’ll have to learn how to ride it out…

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